And Now For Something Completely Different :: Street With A Fuji 50-140mm

As the name of this blog would suggest, I usually shoot street photography with a 35mm lens. But after some random shooting while trying out the latest 50-140mm f2.8 zoom from Fuji, I naturally was drawn to the city streets. I can't say I felt comfortable walking around with what is a 75-210mm in full frame terms, and a bit too big and obvious for street photography. But I enjoyed the change and once again this lens blew me away with it's sharpness and quick auto focus. You can see some of these in colour by clicking HERE. Looking at these pictures, I find it interesting that I came away with the same shots I would have with a 35mm lens, I just stood further away. It just shows that we frame the shots with our eye, not with the lens. I also shot some portraits and  reviewed this lens HERE.