Crazy Nights & Lonely Days

Dropped my wife and kids off at the bus station for their through the night journey to London visiting friends for a week. It didn't surprise me that after taking about three photographs in the bus station, I was aproached by an employee and told that I couldn't take photos without a permit. Sadly, this has become the norm in the UK. Big Brother loves to watch us, but doesn't like to be watched.

This guy was in my last post in the exact same place. Does he stay here? Does he have mail delivered here?

Shooting street photography at night is a lot different from during the day. Alcohol makes the world a crazy violent place, plus women don't wear a lot of clothes. Sometimes you feel that people think you're a pervert with a camera.

I've no idea how long this guy was waiting here for...or why

Subways, train stations and airports always have some sort of tractor beam. I don't know why!

I loved this shot of the Rogano Oyster Bar as soon as I put my eye to the viewfinder. It's like a time warp, due to the traditional dress of the employee