Technology On The Street two shots were taken as part of A Mute Reminder on the Kage Collective website, but didn't make the final piece as there were photos that had more to do with the story. It's really hard to be ruthless with a full batch of photos and cut them down to 12 or 15. Sometimes you need to leave out photos that are better, so that ones can be kept in to better tell the story. I have two pieces of news that might interest any fellow street photographers. The first is that my street and documentary camera bag has been featured on Japan Camera Hunter and is number 390 of the regular feature called In Your Bag. Mine can be found here.

The second bit of news is that I have started a new feature on my photographers blog, called 'The Digital Contact Sheet'. The idea being that I'll show a sequence of photos, rather than just the money shot. You will see the warts and all side of things, the duds, the duces, the edited and the straight out of camera. I'll be featuring lots of different genres of photographs, but Episode 1 is a street shot that was posted on 35mmStreet last summer. Take a look at Episode 1 and see what you think.