Bristol 1 - Cheltenham 4 :: The End Is Nigh took all these shots when I was at the PPOTY awards last week. The one above is inside Bristol Temple Meads train station (click here for what happened outside the station). I took five shots from this spot, just waiting for interesting people to pass through the frame.  This was the first. Everything bellow is from Underpasses are scary looking places. They're a rapist and muggers dream and always have a sinister feel to them. I think women should avoid them like the plague! This is the only X-E1 shot (18mm f2) of this bunch, everything else was taken with the X100.

I like anything that makes the viewer stop and think. It doesn't take long to see what's going on here, but maybe just for a second it throws in a little bit of confusion? This one is also about loneliness for

I think this shot sums up the times we are living in today. Empty shops and a look of despair. This is how town centers look all over the

More despair on the faces of this couple. I've just realized as I've reached the end of this post, that there's a lot of gloom in these photos. I wasn't looking for it, but it's there! Even in the background of the photo above, nobody is smiling. Is this the sort of photo that  will represent this post financial crash when we look back in ten or twenty years time? Or will we look back and think this was actually the calm before the storm? Who knows what's ahead for the west, we're still on the way down and it looks like more war is on the horizon...maybe of the nuclear kind!

Don't you just love blog posts that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over? :o)