Wan Chai Market - Hong Kong :: part 1

I shot these photos in and around Wan Chai Market. It's an outdoor market in Hong Kong that is set on two side streets that cross through each other.  The photo above is one of the vendors, shot through his own merchandise. All of these photos were shot with the X-Pro1 and the 18-55mm f2.8-f4. This lens has turned out to be extreamly useful on this trip to Asia.

These next two photos show how you stand your ground, even when spotted by your subject. You can see that in the first photo, I'm busted. I took the shot then kept the camera to my eye. She turned round to see what I was shooting, then goes back to her phone convinced it wasn't her. Click.

These two shots (above) are especially for Don. If you read the coments in the London post, you'll get what I'm talking about

Part 2 coming tomorrow.