Slow Streets Of Hong Kong :: Street Photography With A Tripod???

Here's a couple of long exposures that I shot with the X-Pro1 and the 18-55mm f2.8-f4. It might be a bit odd to shoot street photography with a tripod, but it's something I've wanted to do for a while. The shot above was 2.5 seconds at f18 ISO 200 and the shot below was at a quarter of a second at f6.4. I've posted some long exposures of a different kind HERE.

I almost forgot. This is post number 100 here on 35mmStreet. Thanks to all of you who've stopped by here, left comments or clicked like. It's thanks to you guys that I know I'm doing something right. You've gave me so much confidence as a street photographer. I'm in no way comparing myself to Vivian Maier, but maybe if she had a blog (and internet), she would have realised she was doing something right?