Kage - Fuji - Street

A quick Friday hodge-podge of a post and of course some recent street shots.

The Kage Collective entered phase II this week with release of our new website. It's been two years since we launched the collective and a lot has happened in that short space of time. I suppose the big difference in the group is that we have grown to eight members over seven different countries, with the most recent members being Vincent Baldensperger (France), Craig Litten (USA), Bert Stephani (Belgium) and Kevin Mullins (UK). We now have a new blog on the site called Chronicle, which is a place all eight of us will be writing for regularly. Patrick (LaRoque) has written the first post that lays out what's new on the site. So rather than me re-hashing it here, why not click HERE and take a look at the site. Then have a look at our firs three blog posts on Chronicle.

Fujifilm anounced the X30 recently, but what's interesting about this X20 replacement is the mass of features included that users like myself and many others have been asking for. Here are a few

  • The ability to move focus point without having to press an Fn button first.
  • Being able to customise what's in the Q Menu
  • Exposure metering where the focus point is
  • Manual control over video
  • Exposure Compensation dial works in Manual Mode when using Auto ISO

I'm really hoping these features will filter down to current models, like the X-Pro1, X-T1, X100/S through firmware. Thanks to Fuji for listening (as always). With Photokina coming up in about 10 days, who knows what's coming. X-Pro2? X100T?

I'm heading out tonight to the big smoke to shoot some night time street shots, but I'll leave with a few from this week. Captions below each photo for camera lens choice.