Clockwork Orange


We have a tiny Subway in Glasgow. For a city that is pretty much built on stilts, it’s a shame we don’t make use off all that space underneath us. But this small 15 stop underground train, that only takes 24 minutes to get back to where you started, is all we’ve got. Opened in 1896 and nicknamed ‘The Clockwork Orange’ because of it’s colour scheme and circular layout, it was renovated in 1996 and consist of two underground tubes that take trains in opposite directions, clockwise and counterclockwise (hence the name).

I had never been all the way round the subway, and to tell the truth, this was only my second time on it. So I decided to jump on and take a few pictures on the way. The amount of passengers rises and falls depending which part of the city you are passing under, with the heaviest volume at the main shopping area. The subway is a inexpensive and easy way to get around, and definitely worth trying if you are in Glasgow.

Fujifilm X100F & X-Pro2 with the 50mm f2