Filipino Life On The Street

I like the way people hang around in hot countries. Everything slows, nobody's in a rush. Most people on UK streets are heading somewhere or shopping, but people don't hang around on street corners, just living their lives, they're somewhere between A and B. They're in Transit.

I like street photography that has hidden gems that are not always visible at first glance. In the shot above, your eye immediately goes to the girl, but there's more to it.

A few steps back reveals what's behind. A family gets washed Filipino style, each taking turns to pump the water while the others shower.

Black Shroud Of Venice

Venice is a beautiful place that's so fantastical you need to keep reminding yourself that it's a real living and breathing city and not some movie set for a multi million dollar Ridley Scott flick. It's like a giant maze where you can easily find yourself back where you've come from even though you think you're moving in one direction.

The streets are packed full of tourists but it's also easy to spot the locals who although are living in this weird and magical place, are real people, with real problems. The photo above reminded me of the Black Crows song 'She Talks To Angels'.

I was surprised to see beggars on the streets, but looking back after giving one money, I noticed that the money got emptied from the cup into a bag and only a few coins were left for effect. Then later in the day I saw the scene above, where the guy came along and lifted the bag to check the takings, no doubt he had a string of women making him money all day long.

There was also quite a lot of graffiti on walls which was a contrast to the place and the people who live there. But Venice is an amazing place and I'd be more than happy to live there, if they could just sort out the main infestation of tourists!

Three Stripes And Your Out!

I don't know if he fell on hard times recently (very recently judging by the jacket) or if he had been lying there from the night before. Some people stopped to see if he was alive or dead, but most just looked and walked on. I did neither. I stopped and took photos. You don't have to make as many difficult choices when you're a photographer!

Blocked Entrance

I've posted photos exclusively from the X-Pro1 over the last 2 weeks as I know people were eager to see some shots while waiting for the camera to be delivered in their country. If you were one of these people, I hope your X-Pro1 has arrived and you're loving it as much as I am. Don't forget to take a look at my photography blog for X-Pro1 sample shots and reviews of the camera and lenses. I'll start mixing it up more on 35mmStreet next week by bringing the X100 back in again. This shot was with the X-Pro1 with the 35mm f1.4 lens.

The Taxman Giveth & The Taxman Taketh Away

I'll try to post a street photo from the X-Pro1 every day this week. If I miss a day, I'll post two the next. This one is pretty self explanatory. The taxman giveth and the Taxman taketh away. We have many forms of tax in the UK. Some with black hats, some with white, some with no hats at all. They'll take everything on this sign and more...much more!