First Day On The Street With The Fujifilm X100

My first day shooting on the street with the Fujifilm X100 and I'm blown away by how good it is for street photography. It's size is perfect and hardly anyone notices the camera when you walk around with it in your hand turned inward by your side. Set it on silent mode by pressing and holding the Disp/Back button for a couple of seconds and it's even more stealth than a Leica.

Security - Keep this guy off my stage.

I just missed the guy on the escalator sticking his tongue out at me.

The X100's meter does a great job in all sorts of lighting conditions.

iPad 2 was released in the UK today. I forgot about it until I showed up at the Apple store and couldn't get in.

Apple worker with her own distinctive dress sense.

I wasn't as invisible as I thought!