The Invisible Photographer: Shooting In The Rain

Invisability surely must be every street photographers dream super-power?? I found out the other day that you can come close to invisible by shooting in the rain. Not only that, but the heavier it rains, the more invisable you become.

I was in the city to pick-up some supplies and had the Fujifilm X100 with me (as always). I grabbed an umbrela from the boot of the car to sheild the X100, then headed off to grab a few shots. The rain was getting heavier as I stood on the street holding the umbrela in one hand and the camera in the other. I waited for the usual off look from passers by, but it never came. Even though I was shooting staight at people and not even trying to hide the camera, not a single glance.

Things returned to normal as the rain eased off and people would give me the "why are you pointing the camera at me" look. But when it started to rain heavy again...invisability resumed.