Under The Bridge

I tend to keep moving when shooting street. Let's face it, sometimes you have to keep moving or you might get some lip from someone that thinks you don't have the right to photograph on the street. But thankfully that doesn't happen too often... like I said, I keep moving.

There was an assignment on the Street Photography Now Project website (number 22) that said to "pick a spot, stay there for an hour and see what unfolds". I didn't have an hour to wait, but I had that post in my mind, which made me hang around for a while. I dialed in my manual settings, took a couple of test shots and waited.

I reckon people thought I was photographing the artwork, so they would give me a quick glance and then move on without paying me too much attention. The X100 really makes a difference when doing this, DSLR's atract too much attention and if you hang around under a dark bridge with one, you'll get attention from more than the people you're trying to shoot. Click HERE to go large.