BlackRapid Yeti

BlackRapidYeti02 I have an RS4 and RS5 strap from BlackRapid and a couple of straps to convert them into a double harness. This setup was great when I shot with two identical Nikon DSLR's. But These days I'm either shooting with a single Fuji X camera, a pair of X cameras or an X camera and a DSLR together. If I'm forced to shoot with a DSLR, it's usually because I need a fast 70-200mm (according to Rumors, Fuji is working on one). My double RS4, RS5 setup is great as long as both cameras are of a similar weight, but otherwise the heavier camera pulls the strap to one side and the full thing feels awkward and counterproductive. Enter The BlackRapid Yeti.

The Yeti has just become my favorite BlackRapid product and will make life so much easier in 2014. I'm a two camera shooter when I'm on a job, usually with one prime on each camera, but sometimes with a prime and zoom combination. The yeti has a similar design to the RS-Sport where the strap goes over the left shoulder using a comfortable pad with a rubber grip, then crosses over the back and chest and attaches to the cameras tripod mount via a FastenR (included). BlackRapid have redesigned both the FastenR, by making it more stelth, and the ConnectR (the clip that attaches to the FastenR), by making it smother. The new smother ConnectR allows you to clip it to the FasternR much easier (the older nobly version was awkward and scratched the FastenR).


As I said, the Yeti strap goes across the chest, but the magical part is that the second part of the strap connects to the shoulder pad front and back and hangs on the left side of the body with camera number two attached. Because the two cameras are hung from a single pad on the left shoulder, both cameras don't need to be the same weight. The downside of this is that the left shoulder is taking all the weight, but this should only be a problem with two DSLR's, but I don't think this strap is designed for that. It's more at home with a single DSLR (on the right) and a mirrorless camera (on the left). But where this strap really shines is with two Mirrorless cameras. I've been using it with the Fuji X-Pro1 (right) and the X-E1 (left) and it's absolutely perfect. It doesn't feel like you have to cameras on and the pad is very comfortable on the shoulder. The rubber grip on the underside of the shoulder pad does the job of keeping it in place and the adjustable sliders restrict the glide of the camera on the straps any way you like it.

The Yeti comes in two versions, the Yeti is the standard version and the Yeti Slim guessed it, is a slimmer one. I went for the Slim as it will be used mostly for the Fuji X System and I wanted to get away from the bulk of the RS4/RS5 setup. Both Yeti versions come as a full kit with the main strap, the second strap, two optional stabilizer straps and two FastenR tripod mount connecters.

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I'm really impressed with the Yeti. As soon as I put it on with two of my X cameras I knew it was a winner. BlackRapid's usual way of connecting strap to camera via the tripod mount is very secure, but as I'm using Gariz half cases on both my X cameras and the FastenR's will be connected to the bottom of the cases which are then connected to the cameras, I'm wondering if I should play it safe. I was thinking of adding a wrist strap to each camera for times when I'm not using the Yeti. These wrist straps could be used as a tether to the BlackRapid ConnectR for a bit of piece of mind. I wouldn't bother with this if the FastenR's were going directly into the camera tripod mount, but with the half cases between them, I'd maybe prefer to play it safe. I'll give it some thought. BlackRapid also have a dedicated tether kit available which do a similar job (although I haven't tried them). The Yeti is available in the UK from WEX for £79 or from B&H in the US for $100.