DIY Reflectors:: Part 2

Most art and craft shops sell large pieces of plastic mounting board. They have a dense foam inside, sandwiched between a couple of sheets of smooth white plastic and are very lightweight. I’ve used these before and they give of a nice soft reflection. You will need two of these plastic boards.Lay one board down flat in front of you in a landscape position and cut it in half. Now cut the top of both of these halves at an angle (as shown in pic 1). I simply measured 6” down each side to give me the angle required. Discard the two small pieces. Now place the large piece (the full sized one) in the middle of the two halves and butt them against each other so it looks like one large board.

Tape the left and right sides together down the seam using white (or silver) gaffer tape. Now fold both outer pieces in as if you were closing double doors. Tape down the edge (pic 2), then lift the full thing up and wrap the tape around the back. The tape acts as a hinge.

You now have a self standing three way reflector. You can stand it up on the flat end and use it as a horizontal three way reflector. Or you can stand it up on the angled end for a tilted reflector.