DIY Reflectors:: Part 3

Lastolite TriGrip reflectors are fantastic, but not the cheapest. If money is tight or you need more than one on:

You’ll need one of the mount boards like we used in part 2. A craft knife and a roll of silver sticky back plastic covering (available from hardware shops). Place the board on the floor and cut a shape like the one in pic 1. Take the two largest pieces that you have cut off and trim them to use as strengtheners for the handle.

When you have cut the shape required, cover one side with the silver stick back plastic and trim it to size using the craft knife.

Take the two largest scrap pieces and trim and shape them to fit at the narrow end of the board. Cut a hole in one for a hand grip. Now place both together and use the knife to cut an identical hole in the other one. Place one of the handles on the main board and cut another identical hole through that to. Cover one handle with the sticky back plastic, wrapping it round and tucking it under.

Glue the handles on each side of the board and you now have a handheld reflector, silver on one side and white on the other.