Fujifilm X-T2, EF-X500 Flash and X-Pro2 Firmware

There's a few new releases today from Fuji. There's nothing mind blowing, like medium format, but as I shoot with a pair of X-T1's a lot, I'm obviously interested in the X-T2. Not a lot has changed on the outside (a good thing), but like the X-Pro2, the difference on the inside is huge.

A lot of people have been waiting for a decent dedicated flash too, and the EF-X500 looks like the first serious effort. What seems to be missing though, is a dedicated commander unit (transmitter) to be able to use these in a multiple flash situation. As I use six flashes, I don't think I'll be rushing out to replace my Yongnuo 560 IV's, not at 499 (UK pounds) a pop.

X-T2 coming Sept 2016 £1399

  • 30min 4K Video
  • New style Tilting Screen
  • 24.3 MP 
  • AF-C Custom Setting
  • Focus Joystick (like the X-Pro2)
  • Dual UHS-2 Card Slots
  • Acros Film Simulation

*The detail of the firmware is subject to change.

NEW Lens Roadmap

  • 23mm f2 (2016)
  • 50mm f2 (2017)
  • 80mm f2.8 OIS Macro (2017)

EF-X500 TTL Flash £449

  • TTL Flash
  • Guide Number of 50 (aprox)
  • High Speed Sync
  • Weather Resistant

X-Pro2 Firmware v2. coming October 2016

With the firmware update, the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 and the new FUJIFILM X-T2 will stand side-by-side as double flagship X Series cameras.

Detail of the update includes:

The new autofocus algorithm* that is implemented on the new FUJIFILM X-T2 to produce faster and more accurate autofocus will also be implemented on the FUJIFILM X-Pro2.
* Excludes the new AF-C Custom Settings functions.

Compatibility with the new hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500. The camera will now be enabled with high-speed flash sync and multi-flash lighting.

AUTO POWER OFF will now have 15 sec, 30 sec, and 1 min. options, allowing more customisable power management.

The parallax correction function will be improved to provide a more accurate and easier-to-use Optical Viewfinder.