Wordpress. Ashes. Phoenix. Squarespace

Today (1st July 2016) I'm launching the new improved derekclarkphotography.com. This wasn't a planned website overhaul, but my old Wordpress site got hacked and it showed me just how much damage can be inflickted on that platform and prompted my decician to move over to Squarespace.

So this is the new digs and I hope you like what I've done with the place so far. A lot has changed in the few years since my last total revamp and with that in mind, this new site should reflect those changes. The biggest of these is probably the jazz section. I've been documenting the jazz scene for three years now and I'm proud of the body of work I have so far (and it's growing all the time). If you know anything about jazz, you will see what an impressive list of well known players I have in the JAZZ section.

I have used Wordpress for many years and really like the platform, but it's time for a change and hopefully one that will make me want to blog more often as there is less back-end work to do on Squarespace. I've still got some work to do on this, so the site might change a little more in the next couple of weeks. Plus I'll be working backwards to fix all the pictures and galleries in previous blog posts.