Gariz Leather Half Case For Fujifilm X-Pro1

I just received the Gariz leather half case for the X-Pro1 and I have to say it's pretty cool. The orange one looks awesome but doesn't really fit in with the cameras stealth looks. So I opted for the black one and I'm really pleased with it.

The half case attaches to the Base of the camera via a small screw that fits into the tripod mount. There's been a lot of criticism on the web because the tripod mount on the X-Pro1 is off to one side (it has to be as the lens mount is so close to the bottom of the camera) so those people will love that Gariz have put a tripod mount in the centre. Another great feature is that the battery and SD card are both accessible without removing the case, thanks to a hole in the metal base plate. Speaking of the base plate, the brushed metal looks fantastic and the engraving adds a touch of class.

The top part is all leather with holes cut out for the focus selector switch (front) and the pc sync flash socket (side). The back part is completely open with no leather strap above the LCD screen to get in your way (unlike some eBay knock-offs). There's also an embossed logo on the side that stops it from looking bland and also provides a bit of grip under the right palm. As the case attaches via the tripod mount there are no annoying straps wrapped around the strap hooks, so the strap is able to move freely.

If you're in the market for an X-Pro1 half case, then this is probably the one. Before you even see it, you can tell from the packaging that it's a quality item and for those that think the camera is a little Iow in weight, this adds just that little bit of heft and even makes it feel more solid. I would be quite happy to buy another Gariz half case for my X100, although I do like the ability to quickly snap on the top part of my Fuji case. But the fact that I need to remove the bottom part of my present case to change battery or SD card means that there's a good chance of a second Gariz coming my way.

The Gariz XS-CHX1PM Half Case for the X-Pro1 is available on eBay from Gariz and is the best way to buy it as their website is in Korean. I paid £75 and opted for the paid for postage, rather than the free one as I wanted to protect my X-Pro1 as soon as possible. I bough mine on ebay HERE and it was delivered within a few days.