Hong Kong Diptychs In Lightroom

DerekClarkPhotography.com-HongKongDip01 I've been looking at maybe buying VSCO 6 and noticed that they have a 40% discount on all film packs at the moment. As I'm not sure how much I would use said film pack (as I tend to bake my own). So I started mucking around in Lightroom and made a new preset. It's a desaturated look, but with the reds and blues pushed back up. Add a bit of Contrast and Clarity, through in a vignette and bingo. I did add a bit of yellow to the shot with the trams, just to bring up the yellow grid on the road.

I'm pretty happy with the look of this preset, but working on these has made me miss Hong Kong. Maybe next year!


DerekClarkPhotography.com-HongKongDip03 DerekClarkPhotography.com-HongKongDip04