The Digital Contact Sheet :: A New Series


The idea behind The Digital Contact Sheet is to show a sequence of photos and explain why one was chosen over another or why one works and another doesn't. It could be a street shot, a portrait, documentary, wedding, landscape, basically anything under the sun. The point is to show what comes before or after the money shot! I'll also show the difference between shots that are straight out of camera and ones that are edited in Lightroom, Photoshop or Silver Efex Pro. It's a warts and all type of thing and I hope it will help or inspire anyone out there that doubts their abilities as a photographer or think that their photos aren't good enough. Maybe you need to take more, maybe you need to slow down and wait for the right shot and therefore take less photos? Hopefully there will be something in this series that will help another photographer in some way.

I'm not sure how this feature is going to work out! I might run it a few times, or maybe it will be an ongoing thing, I really don't know.... it's up to you. I'll post the first Digital Contact Sheet tomorrow. I just hope I'll have the words to describe what I need to, and make this a worthwhile feature for the readers of this blog. But I'll give it a try and hopefully some of you will get something out of it???